Strip of hog rings

What is a Hog Ring?

When it comes to specialized fasteners, the hog ring has a very specific configuration and is used for specific applications where other fasteners are not as reliable. When people ask, What is a hog ring? Due to the interesting name, they discover these fastening devices also have an interesting history.

Hog rings were first invented to attach to a hog’s nose cartilage as a way to keep hogs from rooting for food below ground level and as a way to lead the hog. Today, the triangular-shaped metal ring also known as hog ring staples is used with hog ring pliers in fastening processes within the automotive, construction, agricultural, and heavy textile industries.

What is the Purpose of a Hog Ring?

The purpose of a hog ring is to make heavy-duty connections in places where an industrial stapler is not heavy enough. You can get hog rings in different shapes, including C-, D-, and M-shaped hog rings, along with a camel-hump-shaped ring. These fasteners are heavy-duty and dependable for securing connections between steel fencing and post, or for fastening upholstery material to wood.

Hog rings secure items in a unique way. For example, the agricultural and grape-growing industries will use hog rings to staple the grapevines or other trailing crops to a post, which prevents ground-rot of the leaves and fruit. This is a good use for a hog ring because the large opening will not cut or bruise the plant as it grows.

Hog rings are available in sizes and different gauges or thicknesses to be used depending on the materials that require fastening. A hog ring of 1/4″ or more constructed of 9 AWG steel or thicker or commonly used for automotive and furniture fastening purposes.

Applications of a Hog Ring

Hog rings are useful for a number of fastening applications when other stapling methods are not strong enough. For example, nurseries who want to securely attach identification tags to branches of trees and shrubs will use hog rings, because the ring presents minimal damage to the plants or trees.

One of the most common uses for hog rings is within the upholstery industry, especially automotive and any industry where heavy textiles are attached to heavy frames. The sharp point of the hog ring staple will securely attach upholstery fabric and the comfort foam to the frame of car seats.

Hog ring industry applications include:

  • Livestock
  • Agriculutrual
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction (fencing, etc.)
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (labeling)

How Does a Hog Ring Work?

A hog ring is used to clip two items together, such as attaching fabric to wood or wireframe. These fasteners are used in the home and for commercial or industrial applications. They work in conjunction with a hog ring tool which is similar to a pair of pliers.

Once the hog ring is in position, the hog ring pliers or pneumatic tool is used to squeeze the ring shut – as loosely or as tightly as you desire. The heavy gauge wire and sharp beveled endpoints can penetrate most heavy materials such as heavy textiles, wood, tree bark, and much more.

In manufacturing settings, a pneumatic hog ring tool is used to facilitate the closing of heavy-gauge hog rings. With the power of compressed air, the pneumatic hog ring tool quickly injects and/or closes the hog ring very similar to how a power staple gun or nail gun works.

Once closed, the connection is so strong that it would take a pair of diagonal pliers and some effort to remove a hog ring that is embedded in wood.

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