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man repairing a pneumatic air tool

Restore your hog ring and clip tools today with tool repair services from King Steel Fasteners. Whether your tool has been damaged or needs routine maintenance, our skilled team provides the services you need. Explore the signs you need hog ring tool repair or other tool repair services and how we carefully restore your tools.

Hog Ring Tool Repair

When rings fall out, jam or fail to connect properly, it may be time to repair your hog ring tool. Even the smallest imperfections can create an inefficient ring installation process. Here are some signs that your hog ring tool needs to be repaired:

  • Stuck Rings
  • Improper ring installation
  • Rings fall out

Clip Tool Repair

Clip tools need to work reliably. If you attempt to install a clinch clip and it doesn’t connect, then it may be time for clip tool repairs. Some common issues with a C-clip tool include clips falling out, improper clip connection and clinch clip jams.

Commercial tool repair services are a cost-effective solution. Whether you rely on your clinch clip tool for everyday use or only for occasional projects, the rebuild process is more affordable than a full replacement. In some cases, it can be as much as three times more expensive to purchase a new tool instead of choosing a rebuild service.

Pneumatic Tool Repair

Pneumatic tools expand your capabilities. They allow for efficient operations but also come with additional maintenance steps and risks of wear. Send in your tools for pneumatic tool repair if you notice a decrease in their performance.

Sticking triggers, failure to install clips and rings or air leaks in the pneumatic system can all be resolved with a professional tool repair service. A cracked O-ring or lack of lubrication can create excessive wear, cause air leaks or prevent the tool from operating. Don’t invest your time in the tedious process of disassembling and reassembling your pneumatic tools, but send them into King Steel Fasteners for streamlined repairs and precision testing services.

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