Custom Wire Forms

Wire Bending Equipment and Capacity

Our newest addition to our Michigan-based shop is an OMCG CNC Bender! We are capable of bending wire diameters from .080 to .250 up to 29 inches long. From Sod Staples to even the most complex designs, we can do it all. From galvanized to stainless steel, we can make products to work in any industry. No job is too big and no job is too small. Let us know what you need made and we can make it happen.

We already have an extensive list of drawings on hand to make your off-the-shelf items such as, V-Hooks, S-Hooks, and CV Hooks for the Powder Coat industry. Sod Staples, fabric pins, and round tops for the agricultural industry. Struts and Ties for Gabions Baskets (Erosion Control). Braces and stiffeners for Crab Pots and Lobster Pots in the Marine Industry.

The list goes on, submit an inquiry today, and we can start making wire forms.

Diameters and Length Capacity

  • Width: .080 to .250 inches
  • Length: up to 29 inches

Available Wire Form Shapes

  • CV Hooks
  • S-Hooks
  • V-Hooks
  • Gabion basket struts and ties
  • Braces and stiffeners
  • Additional available and custom designs

Custom Wire Form Request

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