man installing kodi klips with a pneumatic tool

What Is a Kodi Klip?

Secure rebar in your concrete construction project with Kodi Klip technology. Explore the features, benefits and applications of this dynamic fastening system today. Find out how you can update your rebar positioning projects and order industry-leading clips from King Steel Fasteners.

How Kodi Klips Work

This patented technology works by creating a four-point grip between rebar saddle joints. When you have a section where rebar crosses, the traditional installation technique was to hand-tie these joints. This process is exhausting and can delay concrete installation.

Purchase Kodi Klips and a compatible pneumatic tool to quickly punch a clip around two pieces of rebar. These fasteners are designed for specific rebar diameters, so be sure you choose the right option for the job.

The four-point system easily grips both rebar rods and holds them together with a firmness that’s difficult to match with hand-tied joints. In most cases, only half the joints need to be fastened in order to provide the rigid support you need before pouring concrete.

Kodi Klips are color-coded to easily find the right size for your rebar type. Using the incorrect size won’t give you the reliable fit and easy application you need, but the vibrant colors make them easy to identify. You don’t have to worry about missing a joint or installing the wrong clips with this color-coding feature.

Benefits of Kodi Klips

Don’t spend all your time and energy connecting rebar by hand. While hand-tying used to be the normal method of securing rebar, it’s time to update your process. Kodi Klips bring a revolutionary approach to rebar connection, providing a plethora of benefits that significantly improve the process of rebar installation:

  • Efficiency: With Kodi Klips, you can reduce the time spent connecting rebar by up to 50%, streamlining the rebar installation process and allowing your projects to move forward at a faster pace.
  • Reduced Risk of Worker Injury: By eliminating the need for manual tying of rebar, Kodi Klips considerably minimize the risk of hand injuries. This increased safety promotes a healthier work environment, contributing to higher productivity.
  • Rebar Security: Kodi Klips’ unique four-point grip system ensures an unparalleled level of stability and firmness, providing a more secure hold than traditional hand-tied joints.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Crafted from durable, flexible materials, Kodi Klips are highly resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Rebar Protection: Unlike other ties and clips that can potentially damage your rebar, Kodi Klips are safe to use with various types of rebar including basalt, epoxy-coated steel, and fiberglass, making them a versatile solution for different rebar materials and environments.

Whether you’re working on a small DIY project or industrial facility construction, the Kodi Klip system improves the rebar installation process by creating safe, secure and simple connections. Reduce the time and cost of your projects to bid competitively on your next concrete installation service.

These clips are resistant to corrosion thanks to the durable, flexible material. They won’t corrode or degrade, whether you leave them exposed to the open weather or immediately coat them with concrete.

Your rebar will also be protected from the risk of corrosion or wear. Other ties and clips can damage or degrade your rebar, but Kodi Klips are safe to use with basalt, epoxy-coated steel or fiberglass rebar. They can be used in marine applications and other harsh situations.

These features protect rebar from wear, but Kodi Klips also protect it from improper installation. A tight fit keeps all the rods in place. Don’t worry about slipping rods or loose fittings, whether you’re going to pour or cast concrete immediately or it needs to sit exposed for some time.

Kodi Klip Applications

These clips can be easily attached to structural rebar in a number of building applications. Here are some of the common applications where Kodi Klips can replace hand-tying support structures:

  • Tilt-up concrete
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Site-pour concrete
  • Precast concrete

Whether working on-site or preparing materials at your facility, a pneumatic Kodi Klip fastening system is an effective way to keep your process moving forward. Don’t just get the job done quickly, but create durable connections for critical rebar support systems before pouring or casting concrete.

Understanding the Kodi Klip Coding System

An added benefit of using Kodi Klips is their intuitive color-coding system, designed to ensure correct size matching between the clips and the rebar. This vibrant color-coding feature helps to avoid installation errors and boosts efficiency during the process.

Each color corresponds to a specific rebar diameter. For example, green clips might be designed for half-inch rebar, while blue clips may be suitable for three-quarter inch rebar. This way, you can quickly identify the right size of Kodi Klips for your project at a glance, without needing to measure the rebar or read small print labels.

Remember that using the correct size of Kodi Klip is crucial for achieving the reliable fit and firm grip that this system promises. So, familiarize yourself with the coding system and ensure a hassle-free rebar installation process.

Please remember that the color code system may vary, always refer to the product’s instruction manual for the correct color-to-size correspondence.

Improve Rebar Connections With King Steel Fasteners

If you wish to learn more about these innovative clips, or you’re ready to purchase some, turn to King Steel Fasteners. Shop for Kodi Klips today at our convenient online store to get a great deal on the size of fastener you need for your next concrete construction project. Update your concrete installation process with state-of-the-art products at competitive prices.