using hog rings to attach car upholstery

What Is a Hog Ring Gun Used For?

Hog ring guns are collated fasteners available in pneumatic and manual models. These devices are designed to be used in high-stress, demanding production applications. Guns come in C-ring and D-ring models and allow operators to secure closures with less work and effort. 

Hog Ring Gun Overview 

Hog ring guns are fastening devices that function similar to a staple gun, using thick metal rings to attach wire, fabric, or other supplies to a piece of furniture or other base piece and lock it into place. Hog rings are commonly used to fasten and seal bags for transit or storage. They are durable alternatives to glue, tape, or other types of fasteners. 

Various tools can be used to fasten and remove hog rings of all sizes. A hog ring gun affixes the fasteners by applying pressure to a C or D-shaped piece of metal around the material the operator is securing. 

Hog Ring Gun Applications

Hog rings are used in various industrial and production applications, including manufacturing automotive seats, wire cages, mattresses, and upholstery pieces. Pneumatic hog ring guns are best for completing large jobs, including automotive upholstery, large bag enclosures, and mattress manufacturing. They are also recommended for projects that require a lot of repetitive fastening. Manual hog ringers are best for smaller jobs that do not require the operator to fasten multiple units. 

Small manual hog ring tools can be used in everyday applications, including craft projects and fastening storage bags. They can also be used in gardening applications to secure garden fencing, netting, or other small wire structures. 

Hog Rings

There are numerous hog ring tools available. Whether you need a sizeable pneumatic device or a smaller manual tool, there is a device formulated for your project. Bostitch manufactures many hog ring tools created for heavy-duty jobs in the manufacturing or automotive industries. At King Steel Fasteners, we carry both the tools and also the fasteners in numerous finishes, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Here are some of the most popular hog rings we supply: 

  • KSF09DAL25: This D-ring fastener is made from aluminum and is equipped with a blunt point style. 
  • KSF11AL40: This C-ring fastener is crafted from aluminum and has 1600 per pound clenching capacity.
  • KSF11G40: This C-ring fastener is made from high tensile galvanized material and has a sharp point style. 

For smaller projects, there are plenty of options available. The HFP9 manual tool is great for small-scale projects, including wire fence closings and bag enclosures. The P7 collated ring plier is a manual device that is a good choice for do-it-yourself gardening projects. 

Manual vs. Pneumatic Hog Ring Guns 

A manual hog ring tool requires the operator to apply force by hand. A pneumatic hog ring gun works when a small squeeze is applied to the device, using the power of compressed air to fasten a hog ring shut. King Steel Fasteners offers many manual and pneumatic guns, including: 

  • C7: This manual gun is a D-ring style tool manufactured to fasten loose hog rings. 
  • G22: This manual tool is designed in a D-ring style to close hog units, particularly 15-50 series rings. 
  • G7: This manual tool is designed in a C-ring style to close SR8 type hog rings.

We also carry several pneumatic guns suitable for industrial-grade projects. Click here to shop our full inventory!

Founded in 1995, King Steel Fasteners supplies hog rings, staples, and the tools to apply these fasteners for numerous applications in the upholstery, automotive, and manufacturing industries. We have grown to become a globally recognized manufacturer of integrated fastening systems, including manual and pneumatic hog ring guns.