Galvanized hog rings from King Steel Fasteners allow you to attach materials together as they provide a strong and durable hold. You may fasten protective fabric to chain link fencing to deter pests or fasten sections of wire fence panels together to form cages and chicken coops. These versatile rings can be used for a variety of different applications.

Every hog ring is made from galvanized metal to prevent rusting and fatigue from all types of adverse weather. They come in sizes of 0.060″ and have sharp end points. The rings have an open size of 0.6875″ and a closed size of 0.28125″.

Attaching galvanized hog rings to materials only requires a pair of pliers. Simply place the galvanized hog ring height-wise in the plier’s grip. Have the two materials that you want to attach close together and then pinch the hog ring as the pointed ends come together. The materials will be securely attached together.

Using other types of fasteners may not provide the materials with a secure grip. Plastic fasteners may degrade or snap apart due to the force of strong storms or animals pressing against the materials. Also, other fasteners cannot provide that secure pinch along fabric to hold it securely without sliding off or causing large gaping holes that will make the rest of the fabric unravel.

Galvanized hog rings provide optimal strength and durability for your outdoor applications. Quickly place on fence fabric along metal chain link fences, garden fences and chicken coop. Also use these rings to secure the openings of fabric feed bags, place tags on plants, and other outdoor projects. When you are looking to attach fabric, wire, and other materials together, use galvanized hog rings. Contact King Steel Fasteners to ask about this product and our other fasteners.

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