Attaching differing or similar materials together for outdoor applications requires a strong fastener that will hold the materials in place even during severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and icy conditions. Aluminum hog rings offer a strong attachment between materials. Hog rings are commonly used when attaching fence fabric to chain link fencing. These rings may also waterproof covers in place, signs on fences, netting, tarps, and even heavy industrial clothing together.

King Steel Fastener’s aluminum hog rings come in a variety of sizes from 0.5″ up to 1.1875″. They also come with different end styles, such as blunted ends or pointed ends, as well as different metal gauges.

Hog rings made from aluminum are designed and manufactured to be easy to use and last for many years once put into place. You only need a pair of pliers to help pinch the ends together when placing the fabric up alongside the wire fencing. Use the pointed ends when working with slippery materials that may get pulled out of place from strong winds and other objects. Consider using the blunt ends for materials where you want to avoid tearing a hole in fabrics or avoid other types of damage.

Aluminum hog rings can also be detached easily when you are looking to replace old signs, fabric mesh, tarps, and other materials. Just pull the metal ends apart and remove the materials. Then reattach the new fabric with a new aluminum hog ring as the task only task seconds. Aluminum hog rings may also be used with heavy industrial clothes. If the clothing has a protective O-ring to prevent fabric fraying and tears, the blunt-edge aluminum hog ring easy slips through the O-ring and then can be closed using pliers so the fabric stays in place.

King Steel Fastener provides aluminum hog rings in bulk for your various outdoor applications. Obtain the size and metal gauge for your specific project by contacting our company today. We can also provide information about our other fastener products.

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