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Manual Versus Electric Hog Ring Guns

If you have a large job that requires many hog rings, you may want to invest in a specialized hog ring gun. There are two types of hog ring guns: manual and automatic/electric. Read on to learn more about the differences between manual and electric hog ring guns, and which one might be best for your situation.

Manual Hog Ring Gun

The term “manual hog ring gun” is a bit of a misnomer. While there certainly are manual tools that are designed to quickly install hog rings, they are usually not in the form of “guns.” Instead, they look a bit more like a specialized pair of pliers.

A manual hog ring gun is a good tool for a large job for several reasons. First, it can hold up to 50 staples at once. They also require very little force to close a ring. Finally, a manual hog ring gun will automatically load the next staple.

Pneumatic/Electric Hog Ring Gun

There is a common misconception that an automatic hog ring gun is electrically powered. It is actually pneumatic. This means that it is powered by compressed air. You don’t have to plug a pneumatic hog ring gun into an outlet, nor do you need to use a battery.

Pneumatic hog ring guns often operate at pressures of around 100 pounds per square inch (psi). This impressive power means that they can be used for heavy-duty applications, while manual hog ring tools should only be used for light- or medium-duty applications. Applications for pneumatic hog ring guns include construction, commercial fencing, and automotive upholstery. Of course, pneumatic hog ring guns can also be used for less demanding applications like residential fencing and furniture upholstery.

In addition to its impressive power, pneumatic guns can also hold more hog rings than manual tools. A pneumatic gun can hold over 100 staples. They can also be mounted for a jig, making them ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Selecting Your Hog Ring Gun

If you are selecting a hog ring gun, you should consider how you plan on using the tool. If you plan on only using it a handful of times for a light- or medium-intensity job, a manual hog ring gun is the right choice. If you have a business that requires you to regularly install many hog rings, an electric hog ring gun is the best option.

Manual hog ring tools are lighter, cheaper, and easier to use than electric/pneumatic hog ring guns. They are also easier to maintain and much more compact. Finally, manual hog ring tools are very affordable compared to their pneumatic counterparts.

Pneumatic hog ring guns are faster and more powerful than manual tools. They can also hold more staples. However, they do have their downsides. A pneumatic hog ring gun is a much larger investment than a manual tool. They are also bulkier, trickier to use, and require more maintenance

Tips for Using a Hog Ring Gun

There are a couple of best practices that you should follow no matter what type of hog ring tool you are using. Firstly, you should load the tool with the maximum number of staples before you begin working. This will keep you from having to reload constantly. Lastly, you can avoid wasting your time pulling out staples if you aim each staple carefully the first time around.

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