using hog rings to attach car upholstery

Hog Rings for Upholstery

Although the hog rings were made to go through a pig’s nose to prevent them from burrowing and rooting around, they quickly became popular for other applications, too. In addition to being used on pigs, hog rings are used for upholstery, fencing, and so much more. Keep reading to learn more about using hog rings for upholstery. 

Using Hog Rings for Upholstery

Hog rings and hog ring pliers can be used for upholstery work

There are several reasons why using hog rings for upholstery has become popular over the years. First, they are very affordable. Second, they are strong. They are often used in heavy-duty applications in the agriculture and fencing fields, so they are certainly strong enough to secure upholstery. Lastly, hog rings are very easy to install. There are several tools that can be used to easily install them.

While it’s possible to install hog rings with a regular pair of pliers, you have to be careful when doing so. Hog rings can easily slip out of the jaws of a standard pair of pliers. When installing these rings, it’s best to use specialty hog ring pliers. Professionals who regularly install large numbers of hog rings may even use a specially made pneumatic gun.

What Size Hog Rings Do You Use for Upholstery?

There are many sizes of hog rings on the market, so choosing the right upholstery hog rings may seem confusing at first. The vast majority of professional upholstery installers use either half-inch or three-quarter-inch hog rings.

It is important that you find a manufacturer like King Steel Fasteners that offers half-inch and three-quarter-inch hog rings with pointed ends. The pointed ends are needed to pierce through the upholstery material. 

The most common gauge used for upholstery is 11-gauge. This gauge is strong enough for a light-duty application like installing upholstery. Although 11-gauge hog rings are commonly used for upholstery, you should always follow the upholstery manufacturer’s guidelines, especially if they recommend using a different gauge.

If you’re not sure what type of gauge, and can’t find the information you need from the upholstery manufacturers, just contact our specialists at King Steel Fasteners.

How Do You Remove Upholstery Hog Rings?

A four-panel image. On the top left is a bag of C-shaped hog rings and hog ring pliers, on the top right is someone using pliers to install new hog rings, on the bottom left is the back of a car seat, and on the bottom right is a picture of a car with new car seat covers.

When you need to remove hog rings, you need to make sure that you have the right tool for the job. A regular pair of pliers will not work. Hog rings are designed to be permanent fasteners, so removing them is not easy, but it is possible if you have a pair of diagonal pliers. These can be found at any hardware store or online from manufacturers like King Steel Fasteners.

You have to carefully twist the hog ring with your diagonal pliers to straighten them out. This may be tricky at first, but you will quickly get the hang of it. Once you have straightened the hog ring out, you can pull it out of the upholstery very easily. Make sure not to attempt to remove the hog ring before you straighten it out completely. If you do so, there’s a chance that you may tear the upholstery when removing the ring.

Do You Need Upholstery Hog Rings? Call King Steel Fasteners Today!

King Steel Fasteners offers a wide variety of upholstery hog ring options, including half-inch and three-quarter-inch. If you’re not sure what type of hog ring you need, we’re happy to help you. We’ve been a trusted supplier since 1995, and take pride in being a name synonymous with quality and integrity. Browse our full line of upholstery hog rings here. If you have questions or would like to request a quote, contact us online or call (800) 779-3762.