Chain Link Hog Rings

Chain Link Hog Rings

Hog rings were named for the rings farmers inserted into pigs’ snouts to prevent them from burrowing in pastures or feedlots. Roughly U-shaped, they create a ring when pressed together, but the differentiating factor from staples is the material. Hog rings for fencing are fabricated from a heavy gauged wire. 

What Size Hog Rings Do You Need for Fencing?

King Steel provides hog rings for a variety of fencing needs. Hog rings are fasteners that attach sections of chain link to tension wires and secure privacy or windscreens to the chain link fencing. They are also used for installing kennel shades, tarps, signage, netting, and waterproof covers. Hog rings can be easily secured using hog ring pliers. 

Hog rings for fencing come in a range of sizes to accommodate numerous materials and installation projects. The point styles are blunt for chain-link and sharp for fabrics or materials with no prefabricated rings or insertion points. Though different applications may require various sizing, a good rule of thumb is that most common residential usage will call for 11 gauge, while commercial applications require the heavier duty 9 gauge.

How To Use Hog Rings for Fencing

Chain link fencing must be attached first to tension wires attached to posts. The top tension wire keeps the chain-link taut and prevents sagging from the material’s weight. The bottom wire prevents intruders, whether animal or human, from breaching the fence by pushing it upward. Hog rings are what secures the mesh fencing to the tension wires.  

Attaching the hog rings is a simple, five-step process:

  1. Apply the hog pliers so that the ends of the hog ring fit into the intentions in the tool, with the opening of the ring pointed out. 
  2. Select the point where you want to secure the fencing to the wire.
  3. Push the hog ring through the fencing so that each end is on either side of the tension wire.
  4. Squeeze the hog ring pliers around the hog ring until it forms a tight circle around the fencing and wire, then release.
  5. Repeat every 12 inches throughout each fence section until completed.

For very large projects, you may want to utilize a pneumatic hog ring gun. These commercial-grade tools simplify an otherwise time-consuming, manual task. Pneumatic hog ring guns are often used in commercial fencing projects, upholstery work, and meat processing.

Benefits of Using Hog Rings for Fencing

Hog rings are useful in a variety of trades. They are used in pig farming, meat processing, gardening, furniture, automotive upholstery, and many other industries and applications. Because they have exceptional strength, hog rings are widely used for fencings, such as chain links, chicken wire, and wire mesh fencing. These versatile fasteners can also attach tags or signs on electric fencing. 

Hog rings for fencing from King Steel are a smart investment for all your outdoor chain link fencing and protective covering needs. They offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Durable
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Size range from .375″ to 1.5″
  • Gauge range from 9g to 16g 
  • Sharp and blunt point options
  • C-ring and D-ring styles 
  • Variety of materials

Superior Hog Rings for Fencing From King Steel

King Steel customers have come to depend upon the over 25 years of experience and expertise we have to offer. Though we have grown to become a global supplier of integrated fastening systems, we still value the personal customer service that propelled us into an industry leader. Our hog rings and other products are created in our ISO 9001:2015 certified, 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality.